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I apologize for being gone for not posting any new sketchers lately I've been really busy mainly because me and my family are moving and we also took a trip to Mexico so I do apologize for taking so long I should get back to working on my sketch when I move out and hopefully I can get it done in a few weeks
Listen up everyone a friend of mine was telling me to spread this around…
OK if anyone remembers my sketch for Negative 9 link is down below I might've also forgot to mention that I also had a friend help me with it

I honestly don't remember his screen name on DeviantArt mainly because we've been talking mostly on the phone but if you ever do find his profile check it out he's a really good artist and deserves a lot of respect

I know about the election I'm seeing a lot of people panic about it and I won't lie I'm worried too but we can't let our fears get the best of us if we all work together as one

Yeah I know this is kind of a cheesy speech but I mean every word of it I can't stand to see all my friends being scared it hurts me so much so I make this journal to let all my friends know that I'm here and I will not back down Trump president or not he will never gain my respect

Real name: Wone


Height: 6.1

Weight: 4.7

Species: zombie

Gender: Male

Appearance: wears a white suit that covers him head to toe with white boots that almost reach of his knees and white gloves and where is a black trenchcoat that reaches down to his hip and and also has a gun pocket wrapped around his left leg and is wearing a white mask with a red V-shaped visor directly where the eyes are ( he is basically a skeleton underneath the entire suit)

Fighting style: aggressive form of ninjutsu (a lot of these guys have similar weapons, henceforth fighting styles), maybe crossed with an English dueling style 

Powers: able to camouflage with almost anything

Weapons: a red bladed katana forged in hell, A Pistol grappling hooks with spikes on the cable capable of impaling a man with no difficulty and exploding throwing stars

Skills: he is a good fighter, And even though he's 1000 years old he has adapted to the modern world really well and already knows how to build robots and use gun

Weakness: he can be very reckless when his plans start to fall apart, if his light band was ever cut off from his wrist his spirit would go straight back to hell and anything that's from another world is capable of destroying his sword and the light band

Likes: killing sprees, stabbing or shooting people, death, power, destruction, corruption, and deception

Dislikes: Life, innocence, Dark-Warrior, compassion, love, kindness, hope, and his brother

Good point: he is a brilliant adapter

Bad point: he is 100% murderers 

Before I continue I would like to explain that these weapons were drawn by a friend of mine so credit for drawing them goes to him…………

And as for the feats disco I spent 1000 years in hell had to Indore beatings from demons was trained by the devil Managed to survive getting ran over by a train and having his head cut off stood his ground against Akeiro One of my most strongest OC heroes killed 20 men with just 3 slashes got shot everywhere in the body put himself back together after getting ripped in half surviving the vacuum of space because he doesn't need air and even fell into a volcano and came out as just only a skeleton